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This is ME. ME is a poppet.

ME is just white. ME claims to be art.

Get ME. Move ME. 

Move other people with ME.

Become a poppeteer. 

This is YOU.

 YOU is imagination. YOU is about dreams.

YOU is what you want YOU to be.

YOU is all your ideas. YOU is ART.

ME loves to be YOU. 

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Poppetpeople love to travel and they DO travel.

They want to get in contact with skilled and creative people all over the world.

They claim to be art and they are inspired by art and artists.

 Poppetpeople want to inspire you!

ME's great X-mas offer!

Hi current and future poppeteers - we are having a great offer for you!


If you purchase your ME between 1st and 15th of December 2016


you will get it for only € 20.- instead of € 29.-

AND a free poppet bag too!


So - don't hesitate - get your ME now - send us an E-Mail to


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Looking forward to many new poppeteers!


ME & the Poppetpeople Team


How to move ME

Our most expected video: How to move ME!


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