ME loves °°°her naked°°°

ME loves °°°her naked°°°

Hey, winter is coming to Vienna, but ME does not feel any cold, on the contrary, ME gets pretty hot, because


ME loves °°°her naked°°°


It was not easy to convince ME to get rid of part of his apparel, but here is, what it looks like, if ME tears of its cloths: the third YOU, created by Karin Schäfer.


Soon there will be more YOUs created by different artists - they are already in the works - and we will travel to Shanghai next week, where we will also meet artists and ask them to create YOUs out of ME.


Find more photos and get ME loves °°°her naked°°° here - it's a very limited edition - in fact, at the moment, there is only one single piece available:


ME loves °°°her naked°°°



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