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Catch a brief glimpse of the
- the place where ME is born -
and watch ME helping to create
many more MEs :-)


Poppeteers: several |  Video: Peter, Karin | Music: Trombone Attraction

°°° °°° °°°

The is our brand new
"How to move ME" video!

Now you can finally learn in a few, single steps how to take ME in (on) your hands and how to make ME alive!

(...we guess, that you already knew...)

If you want to move ME, but you still don't have ME, take a look here >>>

Poppeteer: Karin |  Video: Peter | Music: Karin

ME visited Josef Hader the famous Austrian actor and comedian.


As the excitement made ME speechless, Josef Hader took over the interview.

Recorded in Salzburg - so they talk in German...

Poppeteer: Almut |  Video by Binsar (Bino) Pandjaitan


°°° °°° °°°


On our most - clicked video, ME now proves that ME can dance every bit as well as scandal queen Miley Cyrus with her famous "Wrecking Ball".


Poppeteers: Almut, Jeanne |  Video by Binsar (Bino) Pandjaitan

ME loves to kiss cooks!


If you want to kiss this particular cook too -  you can find him at "Brotzeit" in Vienna


Poppeteer: Almut | Camera: Hanna 


°°° °°° °°°


We all know, that Poppets are able to walk, dance, even fly - but here is the first ME discovering the deep ocean! Watch ME diving in the sea of Croatia.


Poppeteer: Paul | Camera: Maya 

May ME ask for the next dance? Not sure if it is really a waltz, but this dance definitely includes many tricky turns! 


This video was part of Radio FM4 Constest "I am here"


Poppeteer: Karin | Camera: Peter


°°° °°° °°°


Filming while driving?

With ME everything is possible! ME becomes adventurous lately, as one can see in this clip.


Poppeteer and Camera: Jeanne | Driver: Matthieu

With its perfectly white white suit and those glossy black eyes ME could have totally been an actor in "the third man", a thriller  shot in the canal system of Vienna in 1949! Who knows? Maybe ME was there anyway...


Poppeteer: Karin | Camera: Peter


°°° °°° °°°


Poppets dancing in Sri Lanka: Presentation of the participants at the first Poppetstudio ever - held the Colombo Theatre Festival in Sri Lanka, 2013

Poppeteers: from Sri Lanka, India and Saudi Arabia | Camera:Peter

ME dancing at the Urban Art Forms Festival


Poppeteers: Boris | Camera: Flo


°°° °°° °°°


Watch ME's true social skills in this Poppetpeople short-story! Afterwards try to walk on the slackline in the same easy way as ME and be ready to fail - ME is just highly talented! 

Poppeteers: Kathi, Johanna, Almut | Camera: Peter

ME experimenting with "Type:Noize" from artist Jörg Piringer 

This message is clear: POPPETPEOPLE! 

Write it, speak it, be it! ME makes that clear by using "Type:Noize", an awesome  computer program by digital sound poet Jörg Piringer.

Poppeteers: Karin, Almut | Camera: Peter