about ME

The PP°A°P - Poppetpeople°Art°Project unites artists from countries all over the world. ME is always the canvas, the starting point - every artist creates his or her own and special YOU. Artists contribute their YOUs as part of the Poppetpeople°Art°Project and all related ventures.

But not only artists are involved: ME and YOU is about all our ideas and dreams - and so MEs can easily be transformed into YOUs by the simple touch of an ingenious mind - or hand:  A kiss from Robbie Williams may transform ME into YOU as well as a ride in space to the ISS or a hike on the highest mountains without oxygen (ME doesn't need much oxygen anyways…)

ME participating at Gelatin's performance

at 21er Haus Museum in Vienna

What would be your favorite artist or person to create the next YOU?

Just tell us if you know an artist in person and we will see, if she or he likes ME and YOU...

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